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Opened in Corona on August 1, 2002, our goal is to provide you with the best quality dental care possible, in a individualized manner. Our office, equipment, and techniques are the most current available.

We will only see one patient in our office at any given time, which ensures that you will never have to wait, and that you get our undivided attention at all times.

Many of our patients tell us that Dr. Sam is the best dentist they have ever seen, and we take immense pride and responsibility in that and the knowledge that many new patients are from word of mouth and referrals from current patients.


Dr. Sam is the best dentist I have ever had! My previous dentist (and the dentist my family had been with since I was a little girl), was a terrible dentist and we believe there may have been some corruption within the practice.

Dr. Sam always makes sure the procedures are virtually pain-free and his office is great about not scheduling several patients at once, which means that if your appointment is at 9:30 you WILL be seen within 10 or 15 minutes of that time. They are extremely flexible and WILL work with you.

I had two wisdom teeth removed on Monday (it is now Friday) and I have had literally no pain, little bleeding and a very easy recovery. The actual extraction of the two teeth only took 30 to 40 minutes and afterwards the doctor even complimented how easy I am to perform dental procedures on.

The only negative side-effect I suffered following my wisdom teeth removal was an adverse reaction to the pain medication the doctor called in for me. This was not his fault, and is likely due to the fact that I am a rather small person and have never taken narcotic painkillers before. I spent the day of my extraction extremely nauseous and vomited a few times, once the medicine was out of my system however, I was completely fine.

The doctor can be a little blunt about the state of your teeth, but I believe it is because he wants you to understand the importance of your dental health and not because he is mean spirited. My parents, siblings and I have been seeing Dr. Sam for two years and as long as I live in Corona he will be the only dentist allowed to touch my teeth.

I have no qualms or fear about going back to Dr. Sam in a week and a half to have my other two wisdom teeth removed. He and his staff are professional, friendly and make dental work as pleasant as possible!.

-Jessica G. and the G. Family

Dr. Sam was a really nice Dentist, so were the ladies in the front counter, NONE of them were snobby like other ladies behind the counter at other dentist's I've gone to.

I went in because I've been having severe tooth pain for the past few weeks, they were able to see me the day of, but I made an appointment for the next day. They worked with my schedule, and when I got in, they saw me immediately.

They noticed that I had a few cavities, but they knew that wasn't the reason i made the appointment, they saw that I needed a root canal on the tooth that I had pain on, and They offered to do the procedure that same day even though it was already after business hours, but I myself, wasn't ready to handle that the day of!

I would most definitely recommend Dr. Sam to others, he's great. I scheduled my root canal for next week. Lets hope i don't freak out as much!

Oh yeah, and they have another location as well
Corona Village Dental
469 Magnolia Ave, Suite 102
Corona, California 92879

- A G

I broke one of my molars in half and I was in pain..... I walked in to Norco Country Dental with absolutely no appointment and was seen within 10 min.

I decided to get my tooth pulled rather then fixed and Dr Sam was very informative explaining every step of the processes in great detail along the way.

I'm not a child but I can see how he would be a good dentist for children.

When all was said and done... Dr Sam gave me a hefty prescription for pain killers :)

All in all... I was very pleased with the quality of service from this particular dentist office.... I'll use them again.

- Robert P. (via Yelp)

Dr. Sam is great. I've had a few fillings done here and it was all a piece of cake. Someone I know had his wisdom teeth pulled and he says it was a painless and much quicker visit than he thought.

When the time comes to go in, I don't dread the dentist like most people, because I know Dr. Sam has a gentle and skilled touch and he is also a great guy and quite funny at times. He really puts you at ease. He asks about any concerns or questions you have, and best of all before any procedure he takes a little tiny camera that's connected to the flat screen monitor and shows you exactly which teeth he will be working on. Highly recommended!

-Craig N. (via Yelp)

By far, the best and most knowledgeable dentist I have ever met.

-Leon B.

I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Sam. My experience with him was pleasant and professional. His office is modern, clean and efficient. There is no waiting as he sees only one patient at a time. Fatima, is so nice every time I call the office. What more can you ask for? Highly recommend!!

- Wayman T. (via Yelp)

He's been my dentist since I was in high school at Santiago. I live in Orange County now but I still come out to Corona for Dr. Sam! I haven't found a better dentist anywhere and I recommend him to all my friends.

- Chris K.

Give us a call if you have any questions or to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Sam. We look forward to meeting you at either of our convenient offices in Corona or Norco.
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